11 thoughts on “Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #21

  1. On the forth hand your reasoning falls apart if west has the singleton heart K, since you say itโ€™s greater than 50 % he has it!

    1. The probability for H’s to be 7-1 with a stiff K in W is very low and the play suggested gives you the best chance to make ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ty for your notes. Help me to think better and to bid reasoning much better. i liked very much

  3. I love your quizzes, and I understand them after I get 3 wrong. However, it would take me all day to play a round if I thought all of that through. More practice to come!

  4. The problems are very good but your grammar needs some practice ………….. ‘seeking a game in Diamonds is less good’ should be ‘seeking a game in Diamonds is not as good’.

  5. I got hand 1 wrong (bidding only 2 hearts), with 3 hearts never occurring to me. Compare with 1H, 2NT; 4H (and many other examples) where jumping in a game forcing auction shows minimal values (fast arrival), while going slow leaves maximum room not only for slam exploration but in this sequence it also leaves open the option of a possible superior NT game. With the example hands might not the auction proceed 1C, 1H; 1S, 2D; 2H, 3C (showing double fit); 3D (showing the control), 3H (showing slam interest as did not sign off in 4…fast arrival, but no controls to show); 3S (control, confirming slam interest), 4NT (Key Card); 5C (3), 6H. I don’t see how 7H can be reached including the example auction as the fact that the diamond A is a singleton is never communicated. To me a jump should (if anything) show something special, such as concentrated values, such as S:A954 H:KQJ D:5 C:AJ953, which is in line with auctions such as 1S, 2C; 3S. I confess that I also don’t like strong jump shifts such as 1D, 2S, again on the theory that it takes up valuable bidding room, (while precluding the useful WJS sequence) so perhaps this is just a personal and possibly ill conceived predilection. Would love to hear logic to set me straight.

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