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Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #23

[watupro 79]


16 responses to “Quiz: Test Your Bridge Skills #23”

  1. Anonymous

    I believe the correct bid by North in deal #4, after Souths 5D is 5NT and not 6S.

  2. Anonymous

    thanks for the quiz

  3. Anonymous

    Nice educative hands

  4. Helene Hoegsbro Thygesen

    I prefer 4di on te first deal, partner will bid 4he and now we can give them a choice between the black suits. This should show four spades and longer clubs (maybe 4-4 on a bad day?). I don’t think that 4di followed by spades should show a stronger hand than direct 4sp – it just shows a more flexible hand. Strain before level, as they say.

    1. Anonymous

      How would you bid with a slam try hand with spades?

    2. Ryan

      I agree

  5. Bill

    On #4, you can only try to drop the Q of clubs singleton if trumps break 2-2, otherwise you’ll need the king of clubs entry to your hand to repeat the club finesse

  6. Anonymous

    Really helps meto get better..thank you!

  7. Anonymous

    There is no way my partner has 17 points for the 2d rebid. Most likely 12-14

    1. Anonymous

      Look for a different partner

  8. L

    On hand 3 , is not possible that declarer is 6-5 in C and S ? If so, then partners S is a singleton. I asked myself why has he led back a S and not cashed AD? I came to the conclusion he was looking for a ruff. Hence the return of a S.

    1. Anonymous

      Declarer would bid 2SP with 6Clubs/5Spades.. He has only 4 Spades

    2. Aleksander Wład

      Great idea, I’l like it

  9. Anonymous

    the key to bd 1 is that both sides are nonvul. That means both W and N have overgbid. Somebody has to show some self restraint: 3S.

    1. Anonymous

      3S after long hesitation will tell partner to raise with a little extra

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for the quiz and feedback!