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BBO Bidders challenge: results and winners – June

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-06

This was another difficult set, and 1,800 competition entrants average 44.20, so congratulations to everyone who makes the leader-board and, particularly, to our lone winner. The leading panelist this month scored 76/80, so kudos for the score of 79/80 produced by our competition winner:

David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales

Dave made the podium for the annual competition in 2021, finishing in third place. He was part of a three-way tie for the win in November last year, but this is his first solo victory. Now in his mid-50s, Dave originally trained as a mathematician but he recently retired after working for 21 years as a Youth Information and Advice Worker. He learned to play bridge at school but at that time he preferred playing chess, often playing up to 10 boards simultaneously. He took up duplicate in 1993 and soon ended up playing club bridge five nights a week. He joined BBO in 2006, plays online only now and just with robots, mostly playing Instant Duplicates and Daylongs. He used to have his own bridge library of over 650 books but after a sort out now has about 250 left – mostly advanced ones, quizzes, first editions and several by Marc Smith!

Also on the June ‘Roll of Honour’:

with a score 77/80:

Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France

And, with scores of 76/80:

Hanoi A Rondon (hanoi5) from Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Stephen Merriman (BBO: smerriman) from Aukland, New Zealand

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Honourable mentions also go to those who matched the score of at least one panellist, so you need a score of 63/80 or more to make this month’s leaderboard:


David Moules (Dmoules99) from Manchester UK
Stefan Olausson (stefan_o) from Jarfalla
Jacek Gawin (Babinicz62) from Sosnowiec
Thomas D Trivers (ldrotn) from Chattanooga
Adam Magyar (Sundiszno) from Budapest, Hungary

Ajay Shridhar Bhagwat (Ajayb) from Pune
Sam Marks (sammarks) from Atlanta
Alfred James Bond (alfredj) from Kingsley, Bordon
Yavuz Tekin (yavuztekin) from Turkey
Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney NSW, Australia

Richard Winter (DTeshome) from Wakefield UK

Robert Lavin (bridgboy1) from East Longmeadow
Michael van Gulik (Bananatree) from Belleville, Canada
Va Ena (fachiru) from Taos NM, USA
Alex (danilevsky) from Russia
Hendrik Sharples (Hendrik) from Brush Prairie
Luwen Koh (Xreborned) from Singapore

Arda Kabaca (ardaak47) from Istanbul Turkey
Timur Edis (timuredis) from Dubai, UAE
Ewan McNay (ewan) from Albany NY, USA
Orhan Topal (caky_) from Istanbul Turkey
Julian Wightwick (juliancb) from Cambridge
Edward P Piken (ratine) from Palos Verdes
Hamish Brown (Hamish32) from Auckland, New Zealand
Gabby Kamil (gab7nt) from Buckeye USA
Dan Gheorghiu (DanG4503) from Victoria BC, Canada
Ian Thomas Findlay (findles) from Banff AB, Canada
John Stell (johnworf1) from Bury
John MacGregor (johnmacg) from Halifax, NS
Adrian Pang (MP7601) from Hong Kong, China
Peter Lakatos (nyul11) from Budapest
Paul Dubois (pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA
Mark LaForge (marklaf) from Japan

Kassios Mitrou (Kokoloko) from Athens Greece
Martin Bootsma (martb77) from Netherlands
Faites Mohamed Abazied Mohamed (Faroces77) from Alex, Egypt
David Peters (pdavid2) from Jerusalem, Israel
Morrie Kleinplatz (amulet1) from Windsor, Ontario Canada
Michael Berkowitz (berkmb5) from SLC
Steven Parker (spcompro) from Denver CO, USA
Aymeric Lebatteux (voldenuit) from Angers, France
Howard W Stern (hstern) from Des Plaines
Juliano Barbosa (JBarbosa) from Seixa, Portugal
Kinpin Chu (xh2072) from China
Tobias Bern (xtober) from Sweden
Stephen D Goldstein (sdvdg) from Anaheim

Michel Quinton (jojoj) from St Malo, France
Michael Day (miamijd) from Southlake TX, USA
Babs Giesbrecht (bABsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada
Katja Markert (MostRueful) from Heidelberg, Germany
Arvind Vaidya (figo) from Mumbai, India
Carl Whicher (CarlHWH) from Calgary
Marcel Canoy (tramkaart) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Peter Lipp (pio_magic) from Graz

Ali Can Ustunboyacioglu (alius14) from Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lawrence Wang (lawrence1994) from Oxford, UK
Anthony Tuxworth (ajtux) from Gold Coast, Australia
Uli Staber (uli_staber) from Weil im Schönbuch, Germany
Mark Micheli (markgameon) from San Francisco CA, USA
Jim Streisand (strei1) from Wayland MA, USA
Dafydd Jones (Dafydd) from London UK
Gaston Mejane (decour) from Paris
Craig Bradwell (craig73) from Grimsby, UK
John R Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto CA, USA
Lloyd and Rawley (Lloyd R) from Greenbelt MD, USA
John Leonard (jl07702) from Rye NY, USA
C Billiet (cbilliet) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Karle Joys (kjoys) from Dartmouth, Canada
Hah Kwai Fun (Natsu64) from Singapore
Michael Xu (michaelimp) from Palo Alton CA, USA

Camille Honneur (Perfalfa) from Paris, France
John Roll (Mocker08) from Kelso WA, USA
Betsy Aaron (eje) from London, Canada
Stephen Svelmoe (riverman1) from Las Vegas, USA
Nese Mercan (nese7) from Ankara, Turkey
Arthur S Loring (pokerplyr) from West Palm Beach, USA
Rodney Lighton (RRhino) from Manchester
Antonio Kotsev (asc) from Tatarevo
Veronica L Hrdy (rosiesasha) from New York, USA
Luka Zunic (Behemont1) from Zagreb
Earle Fergusson (Fergus) from Bedford NS, Canada
Guerrero (ffgth) from Toulouse, France
Rosaleen Glasheen (Remlagh) from Waterford, Ireland
Peter Hardyment (sajip) from Cobham, UK
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Soumalya Ghosh (Tubaii) from Bangalore
Lazaros Karagiannopoulos (lazkar) from Ioannina, Greece
John Helme (jh2704) from Borwick England
Capri Bucci (atp13) from Rome, Italy
Leonard Feld (lfeld) from Jericho NY, USA
Matt Weingarten (coolbeans) from Seattle WA, USA
Josephine Fish (jogill) from Cartagena Spain
Stephen Kwan (sk1958) from Richmond Hill ONT, Canada
Milko Slavov (milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria
Ronald W Vickery (rvickery) from Oro Valley
Bert Hackney (toast1) from Vienna VA, USA
Dima Myedvyedyev (Quarky) from Idaho, USA
Nikolaos (nikrek) from Papamichalopoulos
Leo Resk (resker) from Victoria

Gulay Afsar (gly58) from Ankara, Turkey
Thomas Gardner (thomasg_16) from Kent, England
Robert Rubinstein (Rubinsr) from Edgewater NJ, USA
Can Erdem Tukenmez (can1912) from Turkey
Derek Maggs (Robbroy) from Barcelona Spain
Ross Midgley (midgler) from Saffron Walden, UK
Lilias Lamont (LiliasL) from Chichester, UK
Sherif Noshy (chiccco) from Cairo, Egypt
Jean Hupka (Jhupka) from Boulder CO, USA
David Covid (01casino) from Sydney Australia
Galtier (eyquem) from Aix en Provence, France
Laura Lipman (laural) from Bonita Springs FL, USA
Enhao Du (diandian23) from Newbury Park CA, USA
Doug Mann (dcmann) from Calgary, Canada
Chen-Dann Lu (CDLU) from East Brunswick
Guoqiang Meng (menggq) from Shanghai, China
Josh Sinnett (oshoj) from Bellingham WA, USA
Jon Cooke (mugsmate) from Cambridge

Richard Roberts (RNRINDY) from Indianapolis, USA
Alina M Grier (aligrier) from Bridgman
Soumadeep Ghosh (deepkhnh) from Kolkata, India
Matija Senk (MortonFork) from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tom Rainforth (Le Poisson) from Oxford, UK
Cynthia Joan Belonogoff (cindybel) from Bull Creek
Mary Jane Marchand (mjm9) from Orleans
John C Osher (J5280) from Denver CO, USA
Charles Yaple (Doubler44) from The Villages
Carlos Dabezies (CDABEZIES) from London, United Kingdom
James Sampson (jtsamp1) from Lake Worth TX, USA
Kristjan Sigurgeirsson (Lundinn) from Reykjavik
Peter Law (petelaw) from Broadstairs, Kent, England
Wendel Archer (Wearche) from Nashville
Pasquali (Mau52) from Cesano Boscone, Italy
Mark Bennett (upstate) from Honolulu, USA
Lee Weinberger (shoonrah) from Aventura, USA
Rien Eland (Moose83) from Netherlands
Gianni Hsieh (wakanari) from Sammamish WA, USA
Andrzej Stankiewicz (south66) from Gdansk, Poland
Shahar Zack (shaharz) from Kiryat Motzkin, Israel
Patrick Shields (patr1cks) from Cheltenham, England

Mattias Blomster (MABL) from Vasteras Sweden
Ulf Lundgren (Uffe66) from Sweden
Tony Leibowitz (tony_l) from Sydney, Australia
Metzdorff (meol) from Montigny le Bretonneu , France 
Peter Schoen (Glasgow 41) from Black Mountain NC, USA
Jan Sprenger (Grenache) from Turin, Italy
Fabio Carugati (kounellis) from Vigevano
Anthony G Barre (tonyb48) from Sunnyvale
Ashot Harutyunyan (ashoth_14) from Montreal QC, Canada
Roxie Ottley (tottley) from Mesa
Lawrence Cheetham (cheesy) from Bedford NH, USA
Jim Norton (jimnorton) from Charlotte NC, USA
David Cole (davidcole) from Munich, Germany
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) from Rome, Italy
Matthew Rewinski (mrew) from Hampton Bays NY, USA
Nadia Salem (nadsa) from Athens, Greece
Pär Ol-Mårs (olmar) from Stockholm, Sweden

Bruce Carrison (boris s) from Hastings
Trevor Martin (Trevorsw) from Saffron Walden
Luc Soudan (padpanik) from Barcelona
Alan Dinnen (travesa) from Farnham, UK
Marcel Cretu (mcretu) from Timisoara, Romania
Sebastien Louveaux (esquime) from Wavre
Tamas Kerekes (kerekest) from Perugia, Italy
B (Eigen137) from USA
Mechel K Frost (mkfrost01) from Nashville, USA
Stephen McBride (scsm1963) from Cape Town
Linda Kuna (linder234) from Barrington IL, USA
Mefkure Tekin (Karamba14) from Turkey
Lech Zakrzewski (obatalFH) from Poland
Frederic Asensio (fred234) from Paris
Jean-Marie Krempp (HotHeart) from Cernay-la-Ville
Henry Jacobson (UggyJ) from Coconut Creek, USA
Sedat Aluf (monk99) from Istanbul Bill Leaf (BillLeaf) from Cary
Laura Mancini (801dna) from Paris, France
Dale Remmers (dremmers) from Dallas
K-G Borg (Kgb41) from Sweden
David Johnson (davidmj) from Calgary AB, Canada
James Morgan (IGoHomeNow) from Scottsdale AZ, USA
Eamon Galligan (eamongall) from Dublin, Ireland
Deana Wilson (deanadee) from Perth, Australia
Marian Tomov (Marit) from Varna, Bulgaria
Richard Alan Baum (muzzy1) from Baltimore
Thomas Terzian (rmenian) from San Francisco CA, USA
Hans Baas (myxxin) from Zwolle
Mary Eldridge (msphola) from Old Tappan NJ, USA

Annual competition leaders after 6 months

You need a running total of 325 to make the annual competition leader-board with six months played, which means that about 70 players make the list.

Despite scoring 74/80 as a guest panelist this month, Australia’s Alexander Cook slips to second-place in the annual competition. The 77/80 scored by April’s guest panelist, Francois Duffour from Paris, carries him to the top of the leader-board by a single point. Just two points separate the top three, with the 2021 annual competition winner, Luwen Koh from Singapore, scoring 73/80 this month to drop a point behind Alexander.

This month’s winner, Dave Williams from Wales, retains fourth place, with Canada’s Ian Findlay just two points behind him. All of the top five are averaging more than 70/80 after the first six months of competition with the third member of the 2021 podium, Hanoi Rondon from Chile, trailing by just a handful of points.

Remember that if you miss a month, that is one more poor score that you will not be able to discard, so be sure to put an entry in every month.

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