Press Release – Cheating: zero tolerance

31st July 2020 BBO and Funbridge wish to emphasise their policy regarding zero tolerance of bad behaviour and cheating by participants playing bridge online at their sites. Both organisations strive daily to prevent and detect cheating. Considerable human and IT resources have been deployed to this end. Both organisations are also working with the World Bridge Federation and all National Bridge Organisations to stamp out any form of cheating, any behaviour contrary to normal, accepted standards or anything that may affect the running of the game. Conditions and Regulations are published on both sites and all participants are encouraged to … Continue reading Press Release – Cheating: zero tolerance

Video: A Simple Squeeze – 01

Maki (Max Chauvet) is back with a new video series on card play techniques. Maki is also the author of this brief animated introduction to the Game of Bridge. This is the first of ten animated videos that introduce the intermediate player to the “advanced” play of the squeeze. The video does have some sound but it is mainly intended to be a visual aid. Go ‘full screen’ if you want to see the cards more clearly.

BBO Speedball Swiss Challenge (August 21-31)

UPDATE: BBO players were invited to play our new BBO Speedball Swiss Pairs and score 55% or higher as often as they could, from August 21 until August 31. Since there were quite a few ties, we decided to give 5 more prizes than announced. After 11 days of competition, the winners of our Speedball Swiss Challenge are*: Rank Player Wins Prize 1  P_T_Red 3 10 BB$ 2  bokebridge 3 10 BB$ 3  hoffelijk 3 10 BB$ 4  chrvnkv 2 10 BB$ 5  vingid 1 10 BB$ 6  rerrolld 1 10 BB$ 7  andrzejk 1 10 BB$ 8  oradu 1 … Continue reading BBO Speedball Swiss Challenge (August 21-31)