Positive News Regarding the Popularity of Bridge

I love seeing good things happening in the game of bridge – and sometimes, I even go looking for it when my day needs a little brightening up. After a particularly rough day was had for various reasons, I decided to go straight to the best positive news I could find regarding the popularity of bridge. I used to hear  a lot of people say that the game is declining in popularity. Today, I hear a lot less of this around the table. Instead, I see more people coming together and talking, enjoying, really getting into the various forms of … Continue reading Positive News Regarding the Popularity of Bridge

So, WTF is a Palooka?

So, in Southern Africa, the term “palooka” is something you’ll hear very occasionally – and only from people who are probably about to throw a punch. But where does it come from and WTF does it mean? I came across the term once more in a bridge dictionary, where it describes an inept bridge player. But this is also something I happened to hear long before I’ve ever encountered the term in bridge. Here’s what I uncovered about the origins. From the Dictionary (and More) From Wikitionary: Noun. palooka (plural palookas) (US slang) A stupid, oafish or clumsy person. (US, … Continue reading So, WTF is a Palooka?