What is BBO Prime?

Are you wondering about all the pretty purple badges in players’ profiles, and the new BBO Prime menu? Here’s what this is all about:

What is BBO Prime?

BBO Prime is a monthly subscription of $5.99/month offering

  • access to a private bridge club only for nice, friendly people,
  • no advertisements,
  • free unlimited advanced robots in the Prime Bridge Club,
  • exclusive bridge contents,
  • A monthly tournament (on the 28th of each month) hosted by Aurora with prepared hands,
  • A weekly dedicated daylong (every saturday),
  • 10% discount on all Master Point Press ebooks

BBO Prime comes with its own new private club: the BBO Prime Club is a pleasant place to play social and casual bridge with nice people.

And finally, the badge! BBO Prime members will have a pretty purple badge in profile. It looks like this:

Did this tickle your curiosity? Click “BBO Prime” to start exploring, or just click here to find out more.

21 thoughts on “What is BBO Prime?

      1. If you mean tournaments, yes. The subscription focuses mostly on social play and the Prime Bridge Club.

    1. Kim you already have the badge and free access. Log on the latest web version if you’re not seeing the badge, you might be using an older version of BBO.

  1. Not now but maybe later. I
    Am a nice person. Life Master and like my father all I want is one more bridge hand.

  2. I’d love to try it, but since I wasn’t popular enough to make the cut, I’ll let others do it for me! I’ve been playing for a long time, have many friends, but guess it’s not enough.

  3. Its a dollar grab, with free memberships for favourites so there are some players on already, otherwise noone would be there. I suspect it will be no different except that you now pay to play. The same conditions apply with pretenders as to level and rude players who just float in and out, sometimes making it take up to half an hour to settle into a game. So will BBO guarantee that it will not slowly make the free options so low that they wont really exist any more and all would be forced to pay a monthly sub. i suspect not asthe reduction in free tournaments ahs been apparent for a while in the lead up to this.!

  4. I am trying Prime, signed up. But when I go to a casual game I’m the only one there. I like the idea, but please don’t charge me yet. I hope that I am on the trial version. Lost track of my $$. Please don’t charge me for Prime yet.

  5. I have to agree with KMT54. There are some players who disrupt the whole game and leave others waiting for a final partner because of their rudeness

    I do hope you will root out those people. There is a particular person who when they have no points bids 7nt then leaves

    1. We plan to be more active in fighting rudeness and disruptions, yes. There is a new Report Abuse button in each player’s profile that you can use to report such behaviour.

  6. I host team matches almost every night and most times stars also play in those matches. When I am not hosting myself I play in other friends’ matches at least 2 matches each night on average. If I am not considered active and friendly, please change your computer’s think habits:-)

  7. Juego desde el 2008 y no me anote x no sabia pero ahora en la Argentina esta muy caro para que yo pueda pagarlo gracias x su aclaración

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