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BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – April

The Top Bidders for Set 2021-4

This month we have a three-way tie at the top. With an excellent score of 73/80, are:

Carla Vega (BBO: 01vega) from Warsaw, Poland,
Csaba Daday (BBO: gwnn) from Gottingen, Germany and
Fergus Earle (BBO: Fergus) from Halifax NS, Canada

Carla says, “I learned to play at the age of six, watching my family while on vacation (it was raining), and I am now playing for many years. In bidding, it is always a challenge to analyze the information you have, anticipate the next move, understand your partner’s actions, and listen to the opponents. Robots are not suitable: they lack imagination/intuition.”

Csaba learned to play bridge with his parents in Romania, and he played regularly whilst living in both Iceland and the Netherlands. He has since given up club bridge and now plays mostly against robots, which he says he finds more reliable than real partners. You can catch him playing on YouTube at

Fergus says, “I have been playing bridge for longer than I care to think about. I have tortured myself and others over the years, mainly with 2/1, and as with everyone, I’ve had good results and bad. These days I mostly settle for playing a variation I think of as good robot/bad robot.”

Congratulations to them, they win 50 BB$ and a 1 month subscription to Prime!

But remember, we also randomly drew a winner from among the participants and…. tadaaaaa the winner is:

Karle Joys (KJOY)

Congratulations to Karle Joys who wins a 3 month subscription to Prime!

Also on the April ‘Roll of Honor’:

with a score of 72/80:

Ricardo Cardoni (BBO: Patan) from Buenos Aires, Argentina

with a score of 71/80:

Hanoi Rondon (BBO: hanoi5) from Santiago, Chile
Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore

Honourable mentions also go to all of those who outscored at least one member of the expert panel:

70/80David Roussel (BBO: IanDayre) from Beaverton OR, USA
68/80Patrick Shields (BBO: patricks) from Cheltenham, England
64/80Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria
63/80Özgür Sayın (BBO: kayzer) from Istanbul, Turkey
Bradley Johnston (BBO: Nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand
62/80Omer Deniz Ozdemir (BBO: dmr) from Turkey
61/80Ian Findlay (BBO: findles) from Canada
Kayoko Sagane from Japan
60/80Kresten Sandager Kristensen (BBO; kesse) from Copenhagen, Denmark
Arthur Loring (BBO: Pokerplyr) from USA
YanHung Chen (BBO: pjack) from Taipei City, Taiwan
Harry Gordon (BBO; HFLsh) from Lexington KY, USA
59/80GjivoTikvica(BBO: KhazadDoom) from Dubrovnik, Croatia
58/80Maria Sigala (BBO: daeriel) from Greece
Judy Morissette (BBO: juju4) from St Colomban QU, Canada
Stephen Kwan (BBO: sk1958)
Alessandro Gado
57/80Kathy Feig (BBO: penkathy) from Dunham QU, Canada
Lincoln Pinsky (BBO: lincolnpin) from Acton MA, USA
Dave Horton (BBO: mfearth) from Calgary AB, Canada

We had more than 140 entries for this month’s competition, so congratulations to all of those who made it onto the honor roll.

Remember, if you top the Annual Leaderboard this year, you will win 200BB$! So come on down to this month’s hands to participate!

Find all results there:

Annual competition leaders (after 4 months)

Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore279
Carla Vega (BBO: 01vega) from Warsaw, Poland263
Ian Findlay (BBO: findles) from Canada244
Csaba Daday (BBO: gwnn) from Gottingen, Germany237
Hanoi Rondon (BBO: hanoi5) from Santiago, Chile230
Bradley Johnston (BBO: Nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand230
GjivoTikvica(BBO: KhazadDoom) from Dubrovnik, Croatia226
Harry Gordon (BBO: hflsh) from Lexington KY, USA224
Tony Burt (BBO: Tone999) from Vancouver BC, Canada223
Peter Hudson (BBO: p_t_red) from Coppell TX, USA223
Barbara Giesbrecht (BBO: BabsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada222
Douglas Schmickrath (BBO: P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA214
Dave Horton (BBO: mfearth) from Calgary AB, Canada214
Stephen Kwan (BBO: sk1958)213
Anne-Sybil Bragadir (BBO: asb10) from Lausanne, Switzerland212
Kathrine Loh (BBO: nicnat) from Walnut Creek CA, USA209
Dave Williams (BBO: dave251164) from Wales209
Kresten Sandager Kristensen (BBO: kesse) from Copenhagen, Denmark203*
Joseph P Newhouse (BBO: jpn2) from Cambridge MA, USA201

Remember that only your best nine results during the year count towards the annual competition, so entering every month will allow you to drop your lowest scores. Players with an asterisk (*) have only three counting scores so far.

Compare your results with the panel

Find all your results here:

And Panels’ results are there!

Zia MAHMOOD3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:6 :clubs:5 :clubs:2:hearts:Pass4:diamonds:78
Daniel LAVEE3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:5:hearts:4:spades:2 :clubs:Pass4 :clubs:74
Michal KLUKOWSKI4:hearts:1NT3 :clubs:5:hearts:6:hearts:2:hearts:Pass3:spades:73
Andrew ROBSON3:hearts:2NT3 :clubs:5:hearts:5 :clubs:2:hearts:Pass3:spades:73
Eric KOKISH3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:Dbl5 :clubs:2 :clubs:2:hearts:4:diamonds:72
David BIRD4:hearts:2:spades:3 :clubs:6 :clubs:5 :clubs:2:hearts:2:hearts:4:diamonds:68
Wen Fei WANG4:hearts:1NT3 :clubs:5:hearts:5 :clubs:2:hearts:2:hearts:4 :clubs:71
Larry COHEN4:hearts:1NT3:diamonds:5:hearts:5 :clubs:2:hearts:Pass4 :clubs:70
Alan SONTAG3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:6 :clubs:5 :clubs:2:diamonds:Pass3:spades:70
Sally BROCK3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:Dbl6:hearts:2:hearts:Pass4NT68
Sjoert BRINK3:hearts:3 :spades:3 :clubs:5 :clubs:5 :clubs:2 :clubs:2:hearts:4:diamonds:66
Simon DE WIJS3:hearts:2 :clubs:3 :clubs:5:hearts:4:spades:3:diamonds:Dbl3:spades:66
Peter FREDIN3:hearts:2NT3:diamonds:5:hearts:4:spades:3:diamonds:2:hearts:4:diamonds:65
Norberto BOCCHI3:hearts:2 :clubs:3:diamonds:5NT5 :clubs:2:diamonds:Dbl4:diamonds:64
Kate McCALLUM4:hearts:1NT3:diamonds:4NT5 :clubs:2 :clubs:Pass4 :clubs:63
Brian SENIOR3:hearts:3:diamonds:3 :clubs:Dbl5 :clubs:3:diamonds:Dbl4 :clubs:63
Kresten KRISTENSEN3:hearts:2NT3:hearts:Dbl5 :clubs:2 :clubs:Pass5:diamonds:60
Jessica LARSSON4:hearts:2NT3 :clubs:4NT6:hearts:2:diamonds:2:hearts:3:spades:58
Gabriel CHAGAS4:diamonds:2:spades:3:diamonds:6 :clubs:5 :clubs:2:diamonds:2:hearts:3:spades:57

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