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BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #7


Here are the hands for July. Have a think about the problems below and send your answers to Entries close on June 28th. Please also include your name, your BBO ID and your location (city/country) when you email your answers.

Prime subscribers will be able to see the answers and expert comments in the second week of July in BBO Prime. Click here to find out more about what Prime has to offer.

The winner of each monthly competition will receive a month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 50BB$. At the end of the year, the competitor with the highest cumulative total from their best nine scores will win the annual title and the prize of three month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 200BB$. One entrant picked at random each month will also receive a three-month subscription to BBO Prime.

All deals this month use IMP scoring. Here are the eight problems for the July competition:

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand #3

Hand #4

Hand #5

Hand #6

Hand #7

Hand #8


32 responses to “BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #7”

  1. Karsten Hansen-Nord

    3NT, 4C, P, 6C, 3NT, 4C, 3H, 3S

  2. ken b

    8,i would bid 4spds

  3. Anonymous

    Sadly BBO can’t seem to get this right. This is month 7 and they have yet to post winners from month five. Check out the monthly winner posting, you’ll find the last updat was April 6 for submissions from March. What’s the point?

  4. Anonymous

    can’t get in

  5. Phillip Douglas parmley

    3D 3H 3D 4nt 4d 4nt 2h 4s

  6. Phillip Douglas parmley

    1. 3d 2.3h 3.2nt 4.5c 5.3nt 6.3nt 7. 1nt 8.4s

  7. psapdeu

    1. 3NT 2. 3C 3. 2D 4. 6C 5. 3 NT 6. 4C. 7.k 3H 8. 3 NT

  8. Anonymous

    Yes a poor show – no results since #4 in April!

  9. GRoffey

    1) 2nt, 2) 3c, 3) 2D, 4) 4s, 5) 4d, 6) 4c, 7) 2h, 8) 4c

  10. dilek yavas

    1.3NT 2.3C 3.2D 4.5NT 5.3NT 6.3S 7.Pas 8.2D

  11. Dr Prabir Kumar Datta

    1. 3c, 2.3c, 3.3c, 4.5c, 5.3NT. 6. 3 NT, 7. 1NT 8. 3S

  12. Bruce MacDonald

    2nt, 3c, p, 4nt, 4d, 4c, p, 4s

  13. 1.3NT 2.4C 3.2D 4.4NT 5.3NT 6.5D 7.1NT 8.4NT

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    would like to join


    3nt 4cl pass 6cl 3nt 4cl 3h 3sp

  17. MountMath


    1. Anonymous

      1) Paso, 2) 3T, 3) 3 D, 4) 5 T, 5) Paso, 6) 5 D, 7) 2 c, 8) 4 st

  18. Pstoev

    1-2SP;2-3 CL;3 – 3CL;4 – 6CL;5-4 SP;6-3NT;7-2HE;8-2DI

  19. 3C, 5C, Dbl, 5D, 3S, 3S, 2H, 4S

  20. Brian Thorp



    1-4H 2-2D 3-2H 4-6NT 5-3S 6-4C 7-Pass 8-2D

  22. Anonymous

    Hand 1 3C Hand 2 5C. Hand 3 2D Hand 4 4H. Hand 5 4H Hand 6 6D. Hand 7 Pass. Hand 8 6S

  23. Anonymous

    1) 2Nt 2) 4C 3)2D 4)4 H 5) 3Nt 6) 3 S 7) Pass 8)2Nt

  24. Anonymous

    1)2Nt 2) 4C 3) 2D 4)4H 5)3Nt 6) 3S 7) pass 8)2Nt

  25. Karsten Hansen-Nord

    3H, 2D, pas, 6C, 3S, 2S, pas, 3S

  26. Anonymous

    do,nt work???!!!
    i leave my replay…but…

  27. Anonymous

    Nice Hands. Not just test skills. Brain storm🤓

  28. Laurel

    3NT 4C 2D 4NT 4D 4NT 2H 4S

  29. Asterton

    3C; 4C; 2D; 5C; 4D; 5D; 2H; 4NT

  30. John

    Where do I put in my bids for each of the above hands? I do not see what I can do in the way of making a bid

  31. Barb

    1. 3 NT, 2. 2H, 3 .2 D 4. 4 NT, 5. 3NT, 6. 5D, 7. 1NT, 8. 6S,