BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #9


Here are the hands for September. Have a think about the problems below and send your answers to Entries close on August 28th. Please also include your name, your BBO ID and your location (city/country) when you email your answers.

Prime subscribers will be able to see the answers and expert comments in the second week of September in BBO Prime. Click here to find out more about what Prime has to offer.

The winner of each monthly competition will receive a month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 50BB$. At the end of the year, the competitor with the highest cumulative total from their best nine scores will win the annual title and the prize of three month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 200BB$. One entrant picked at random each month will also receive a three-month subscription to BBO Prime.

All deals this month use IMP scoring. Here are the eight problems for the July competition:

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand #3

Hand #4

Hand #5

Hand #6

Hand #7

Hand #8

29 thoughts on “BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #9

  1. Many use 2 d as multi. Weak 6 kards major or a strong nt 18-19 p or a very strong dimond

  2. carlaa vegaa have a good bid for you :
    1) 2NT 2) 5H 3) 3NT 4) PASS 5) 3S 6) 3S 7) DBL 8) 5D

  3. 1. Assume bid means 5H & 4S with less than 18Hcp
    My response 3H indicating H fit and more than minimum point count but less than 12hcp

    1. of course, we don’t bid DBL with each 17/18
      depends on the distribution (in here 1H)

  4. since 2D is weak and i do not have an opening hand, I Pass. there are many losers’ in my hand.

  5. 1:2NT, 2:P, 3:P, 4:P, 5: 3NT, 6:3D, 7:P, 8:5S

    Nice set. I suspect the under-bidders win on this one.

  6. 1. 4D – that’s enough. 5D will just get doubled and do too many off.
    2. Pass – Fixed myself with X. 4NT is ambiguous. Hope partner’s Spades are good (say SAQJT9x)..
    3. 4C – I’m only considering passing at Pairs. We could lose 730 with 5 of a minor on.
    4. Pass – Obviously hoping partner re-opens with an X. Even if partner passes this out it won’t be a disaster at the colours.
    5. 3S – It’s nebulous but I expect partner to bid 3NT with moderate hearts and half a spade stop, and Partner MIGHT bid 4 of a minor
    6. 3S – (and 4D over 4C) – At least game in either diamonds or hearts should be playable – possibly more if we have a diamond fit
    7. 4H – Looks a bit too obvious although I cannot underwrite 4H in any way.
    8. 5S – I’d normally pass in my sleep but partner is likely to be short in Clubs. Slam could well be on if he has a red card of value.

  7. 1:2NT Might fool them) 2:P 3:4C 4:4S (pressure!) 5::4D(then 5C) 6:3!S 7:4!H 8:4NT RKB. Dont care whut anybody else says – those are the WINNING answers

  8. 2d for me is weak with 6D. My hand, while winning a king or two is not otherwise supportive. I pass.

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