BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #10


Here are the hands for October. Think through the problems below and send your answers to Entries close on September 28th. Please include your name, BBO ID and location (city/country) when emailing in your answers.

Prime subscribers will be able to see the answers and expert comments in the second week of October in BBO Prime. Click here to find out more about what Prime has to offer.

The winner of each monthly competition receives a month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 50BB$. At the end of the year, the competitor with the highest cumulative total from their best nine scores will win the annual title and the prize of three month’s subscription to BBO Prime and 200BB$. One entrant picked at random each month will also receive a three-month subscription to BBO Prime.

All deals this month use IMP scoring:

Hand #1

Hand #2

Hand #3

Hand #4

Hand #5

Hand #6

Hand #7

Hand #8

49 thoughts on “BBO Prime bidders challenge: Hands of the month #10

  1. Hands 4 and 8 have the second suit and the splinter responders rebids reversed for the best bidding. The system needs updated in this regard. After an implied fit (2H rebid) responder is better placed with immediate splinters and the jump to show a second suit.

  2. What point count for the Michael’s Cue Bids, as system doesn’t say!? Some play that it’s weak (7-11) or strong (15/16+) but not intermediate others differently and it would be nice to know with these!

  3. notice it was already ! Hand #2
    we have a reverse hand to problem No1 April
    six you can win only hearts If there is no hearts worse division than 4:2
    the hand of your partner : S/Axxxx H/AKQJ10x D/- C/Qx
    (carlaa vegaa )

  4. What’s the point, as there was no score table for last month in the Monthly Winners?
    Even none-Prime members should get to see their scores and the answers.
    By all means leave the panel’s comments for Prime members only.

  5. 1= 4 H —–2= 4 Sp—3= 5club —-4= 3 Sp——–5 = 4Heart —6 =dbl 7=3 cub——8 = 4 club

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