BBO Prime Bidders Challenge 2021 Final Standings

Congratulations to Luwen Koh (XReborned on BBO), winner of the 2021 competition along with 200 BB$!

In the exciting battle between the two leaders, Luwen Koh from Singapore returned his third consecutive score of 76/80 to win the 2021 ‘BBO Prime Top Bidders’ title by a margin of just 7 points. Commiserations go to our silver medalist, Hanoi Rondon from Santiago, Chile, who was one of only two players to score a perfect 80/80 during the year.

In the race for third place, Fergus chose an unfortunate time to return his worst score of the year, which left Dave Williams to squeak ahead of Douglas by just 2 points for the final place on the podium.

With a top four from Asia, South America, Europe and USA, the remainder of the Top 10 was made up of three Canadians and three more Europeans. Our leaderboard has at least one player from five of the six inhabited continents. Bradley is the leading representative from Oceania, whilst Luwen is the only Asian on the leaderboard despite plenty of entries throughout the year from players in China, India and Indonesia.

The leaderboard includes all players with at least eight scores who averaged more than 50/80. With more than 500 players entering the competition this year, these are the top 30 scores, so congratulations to everyone who makes the leaderboard. A special mention goes to those who made the leaderboard with less than nine scores (marked with an * in the list below). Worthy of particular note is Pete Law, who finished seventh overall despite only playing the last eight months. Had those players entered every month and maintained their average score, they would surely have been contenders for the title. We hope that many more players will make a point of entering every month in next year’s contest. Here’s a link to the January Bidders Challenge hands.

Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore638
Hanoi Rondon (BBO: hanoi5) from Santiago, Chile631
Dave Williams (BBO: dave251164) from Wales618
Douglas Schmickrath (BBO: P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA616
Earle Ferguson (BBO: Fergus) from Halifax NS, Canada608
Ian Findlay (BBO: findles) from Banff AL, Canada604
Peter Law (BBO: PETELAW) from Broadstairs, Kent, England596*
Patrick Shields (BBO: patr1cks) from Cheltenham, England591
Barbara Giesbrecht (BBO: BabsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada584
GjivoTikvica(BBO: KhazadDoom) from Dubrovnik, Croatia581
Anne-Sybil Bragadir (BBO: asb10) from Lausanne, Switzerland 572
Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria572
Kresten Sandager Kristensen (BBO: kesse) from Copenhagen, Denmark572
Thomas Gardner (BBO: thomasg_16) from England562
Bradley Johnston (BBO: Nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand550
Harry Gordon (BBO: hflsh) from Lexington KY, USA542
Csaba Daday (BBO: gwnn) from Gottingen, Germany538
Tony Burt (BBO: Tone999) from Vancouver BC, Canada530
Stephen Kwan (BBO: sk1958) from Canada529
Alexander Cook (BBO: spade7) from Australia512*
Peter Hudson (BBO: p_t_red) from Coppell TX, USA512
Karle Joys (BBO: KJOY) from Dartmouth NS, Canada510
Judy Morissette (BBO: juju4) from Saint Colomban PQ, Canada507
Raj Agarwal (BBO: badesh) from Cambridge MA, USA506
Paul Dubois (BBO: Pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA504
Jarek Langer (BBO: jarek444) from Austin TX, USA493*
Kathrine Loh (BBO: nicnat) from Walnut Creek CA, USA491
Ashot Harutyunyan (BBO: ashoth_14) from Montreal PQ, Canada468
Rishabh Singh (BBO: rishabh) from San Jose CA, USA462*

Congratulations to all who made it onto this year’s honors’ board.

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