BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – February

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-02

This is the second month of the 2022 annual competition, and we will start publishing the leaderboard in the annual competition alongside the monthly results next month. This month’s winner, matching the leaders of the expert panel with a score of 75/80 on what turned out to be another difficult set, is:

Francois Duffour (BBO: toutmo) from Paris, France

Francois is 65 and from Paris. He has been playing for many years with some good results in national events (“but too many second places” he admits). He stopped playing 12 years ago for professional reasons and has come back to the game in the past year (“thanks to Covid and BBO,” he says).

Also on the February ‘Roll of Honour’:

With a score 74/80:

Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore,
Douglas Schmickrath (BBO P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA,
Elsa Regner (BBO: elsargenta) from Santiago, Chile,
Martins Lorencs (BBO: malorencs) from Riga, Latvia and
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (BBO: rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Congratulations to everyone who made it onto this month’s honors’ board with a score of at least 60/80:

Brad Johnston (BBO nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand 73
Brad Johnston (BBO nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand 73
Laura Mancini (BBO 801dna) from Paris, France 73
Hanoi A Rondon (BBO hanoi5) from Providencia, Santiago, Chile 72
Brian Ross (BBO BCRPro) from Jeffersontown, KY, USA 72
Babs Giesbrecht (BBO bABsG) from Qualicum Beach, Canada 72
Peter Law (BBO Petelaw) from Broadstairs, UK 72
Stephen Merriman (BBO smerriman) from Auckland, New Zealand 72
Omer Ekinci (BBO ekinci) from Stamford CT, USA 72
Ian Thomas Findlay (BBO findles) from Banff AB, Canada 72
Claude Candillier (BBO capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France 72
Alexander Cook (BBO spade7) from Sydney, Australia 71
David Williams (BBO dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales 71
Pär Ol-Mårs (BBO olmar) from Stockholm, Sweden 70
Herstein Liu (BBO herstein) from Chinese Taipei  70
Juliano Barbosa (BBO JBarbosa) from Lisbon, Portugal 69
Bernie Miller (BBO BARTMILL) from Boca Raton FL, USA 69
Tobias Bern (BBO xtober) from Sweden 69
Samuel Arber (BBO Zoozsam) from Melbourne, Australia 68
Olli Perkio (BBO OlliP) from Varkaus, Finland 68
Stephen D Goldstein (BBO sdvdg) from Anaheim CA, USA 68
Bert Hackney (BBO toast1) from Vienna VA, USA 68
G.J.K. Fleischeuer (BBO ggoulash) from Tilburg, Netherlands 68
Daniel Klein (BBO drdnmnk) from Victoria BC, Canada 67
Thibault Wolf (BBO thwolf) from Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France 67
John R Mayne (BBO JRMayne) from Modesto CA, USA 67
Gregory LeBlanc (BBO gnlblnc151) from Charlotte NC, USA 67
Tomasz Modrzejewski (BBO tommodrzej) from Poland 67
Jacob Freeman (BBO Jacob04) from Toronto ONT, Canada 67
Bert Geens (BBO bert1986) from Belgium 67
Dennis E Metcalf (BBO dcalf) from Vancouver WA, USA 67
Paula Kron (BBO vivitak) from Santiago, Chile 67
Petar Petrov (BBO Pesho_1975) from Bulgaria 66
Niklas Carlsson (BBO 19niklas69) from Grums, Sweden 66
Michael van Gulik (BBO Bananatree) from Belleville, Canada 66
Erin Archer (BBO ea2521) from NY, USA 66
Yongjun Lu (BBO ottawa2008) from Nepean ONT, Canada  66
Amitabh Raturi (BBO raturias) from Cincinnati OH, USA 66
Akin Koclar (BBO koclar) from Ankara, Turkey 66
Raghunath P Tripathi (BBO r_tripathi) from Bhopal (MP) INDIA 66
Bert Toar Polii (BBO Bert_Polii) from Indonesia 66
Chen-Dann Lu (BBO: CDLU) from East Brunswick NJ, USA 65
Paul Amer (BBO Pamer) from Wilmington DE, USA 65
Kevin Dybvig (BBO kfd) from Alabaster AL USA 65
Robert Donathan (BBO rdonathan) from Austin TX, USA 65
Arve (BBO navicom) from Kleppe, Norway 65
Vasily Filippov (BBO vf73) from Moscow 65
Mark Laken (BBO TEAGUER) from Baltimore MD, USA 65
Onno Eskes (BBO Onno) from Leiden The Netherlands 64
Loukas Kokotos (BBO Loukas435) from Agrinio, Greece 64
Hugh M. McSheffrey (BBO ookpik1966) from Nelson BC, Canada 64
Lawrence Cheetham (BBO cheesy) from Bedford NH, USA 64
Dan Gheorghiu (BBO DanG4503) from Victoria BC, Canada 64
David Cole (BBO davidcole) from Grasbrunn, Munich, Germany 64
Howard Strausz (BBO Kamari3) from Cape Town, South Africa 64
Paul F. Dubois (BBO pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA 64
Jarek Langer (BBO jarek444) from Austin TX, USA 64
Kerry L Cotterell (BBO KerryCot) from Freeland 63
Andreas Persson (BBO Rosengatan) from Mullsjö, Jönköping, Sweden 63
Gaston Mejane (BBO decour) from Paris, France 63
Rasmus Maide (BBO dst463) from Espoo, Finland 63
Dafydd Jones (BBO Dafydd) from London, UK 63
Jon Cooke (BBO mugsmate) from Cambridge, UK 63
Michael Xu (BBO michaelimp) from Palo Alto CA, USA 63
Doug Schulte (BBO anaspapa99) from Olathe KS, USA 63
Maria Eugenia Florez (BBO Marigenia) from Madrif spain 63
Capri Bucci (BBO atp13) from Rome, Italy & Amsterdam, The Netherlands 63
Anis ur Rahman (BBO AnisR) from Karachi 63
Fangcheng Yu (BBO xiaoqi ) from China 62
Eamon Galligan (BBO eamongall) from Dublin Ireland 62
Jim Ritts (BBO rtscracker) from Knoxville Tn, USA 62
Glenn Oliver (BBO Glenn101) from Southport, UK 62
Uday Ivatury (BBO uday) from New York NY, USA 62
Michael Cockerell (BBO Yam Gnow) from Victoria BC, Canada 62
Mahesh Rohera (BBO mahesh r) from Mumbai India 62
Veli Tok (BBO: sgbk) from Sinop, Turkey, 62
Steve Hamaoui (BBO: eslomismo) from Milan, Italy 62
Blaevoet (BBO Lebelabel) from Villeneuve, France 62
Krishnan R Thondukolam (BBO KRT) from San Ramon CA, USA 61
Franck Guerrero (BBO ffgth) from Toulouse France 61
Daniel Thouvignon (BBO: danielth) from Chiang Mai, Thailand 61
Miroslaw Tryba (BBO 1_Miroslav) from Barnsley, UK 61
Suman Banerjee (BBO sumanb) from Kolkata/ India 61
Harry gordon (BBO hflsh) from Lexington 61
Peter Lakatos (BBO: nyul11) from Budapest, Hungary 61
Wiguna Gony (BBO: ganesha956) from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 61
Galtier (BBO eyquem) from Aix en Provence, France 61
Kevin Wu (BBO kevinwu777) from Taipei, Taiwan 61
Manuel Oliveira (BBO m oliveira) from Livramento, Estoril, Portugal 61
Ravi Venkitaraman (BBO Ravivenk) from Dallas TX, USA 61
Howard H. Kestin (BBO howakes) from Wayne NJ, USA 61
Nancy Edsparr (BBO Happygirlj) from St Jean Cap Ferrat France 61
Tracey Weller (BBO tweller) from Woodbridge UK 61
Robin Adey (BBO robinadey) from Stafford, UK 61
Tomer Yavetz (BBO tyavetz) from Brooklyn NY, USA 61
Ed Girdler (BBO edge_) from London, England 61
Wayne Burrows (BBO cascade) from Palmerston North, New Zealand 61
Sarah Barry (BBO Sarbarr) from Kingston ONT, Canada 61
Peter Hardyment (BBO sajip) from Cobham, Surrey, England 60
Shahar Zack (BBO shaharz) from Kiryat Motzkin, Haifa, Israel 60
Jukka Moilanen (BBO jukmoi) from Finland 60
Nancy MCAnnally (BBO cactuscoat) from The Villages Fl, USA 60
Va Ena (BBO fachiru) from Taos NM, USA 60
George Jacobs (BBO georgej) from Puerta Vallarta Mexico 60
Michael Berkowitz (BBO berkmb5) from Salt Lake City UT, USA 60
Rajan Jeyakumar (BBO rjeyakumar) from Fremont, USA 60
Marcel Maris (BBO hvac) from Bucharest, Romania 60
Jim Griffin (BBO TLC) from Greenville SC, USA 60
Charles Lawson (BBO G-Bear) from Huntsville TX, USA 60
Milko Slavov (BBO milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria 60
Svetlin Manov (BBO George_63) from Sofia, Bulgaria 60
Ke Jia (BBO kejia) from Singapore 60
Harold Baba (BBO ichiban2) from Thornhill, Canada  60

Click here to read the experts’ comments.

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  1. Well done sorting the scores so quickly with 1750+ entrants – a mammoth task no doubt!
    Hopefully we can look forward to a Leaders Board after #1 and #2 in the fullness of time please?

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