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BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – March

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-03

This is the third month of the 2022 contest, and today we publish not only the monthly winners but also the first leaderboard for the annual competition. We have co-winners this month, with a score of 74/80:

Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria and

Wanfeng Mou (BBO: wmou) from Sugar Land TX, USA

Milko was a regular last year and finished in the Top 15 of the 2021 annual competition, but this is his first victory. A 60yo from the major seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Milko has been playing for 35 years and is happy with a simple five-card Major system. We shall be seeing both of them as guest panellists in May.

Also on the March ‘Roll of Honour’:

With a score 73/80:

Barry Crozier (BBO: croz8) from Cochrane AB, Canada
Anthony L Toto (BBO: ca1ant) from Clovis CA, USA
Stuart Carr (BBO: vanstu) from Burnaby BC, Canada
Bert Hackney (BBO: toast1) from Vienna VA, USA
John C Jeffrey (BBO: john_j) from Las Vegas NV, USA

Click here to see the panel comments

Honourable mentions also go all of to those who outscored at least one panellist, so you need a score of 65/80 or more to make this month’s leaderboard:

Jarek Langer (BBO jarek444) from Austin TX, USA
Kristinn Olafsson (BBO kiddiolafs) from Norway
Adrian Pang (BBO MP7601) from Hong Kong, China
Luwen Koh (BBO Xreborned) from Singapore
Alexander Cook (BBO spade7) from Sydney NSW, Australia

Andy Hsiao (BBO andyhsiao) from Marvin NC, USA
Niklas Carlsson (BBO 19niklas69) from Sweden
Stuart Challinor (BBO ecclesian) from Manchester, England
Edward Rais (BBO Elr) from Anchorage AK, USA
Harold Baba (BBO ichiban2) from Thornhill, Canada
L Del Knox (BBO Daxmo) from Dartmouth NS, Canada
Paula Varrassi (BBO lily203) from Milton DE, USA
Levi Ramos (BBO LEVIS24) from Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
John R Mayne (BBO JRMayne) from Modesto CA, USA
Moeen Mahmood (BBO mmahmood) from London, England
Tomasz Modrzejewski (BBO tommodrzej) from Poland

Claude Candillier (BBO capri13) from Peyrolles en Provence, France
Stephane Turcotte (BBO allo_st) from Montreal QU, Canada
Clay Cuthbertson (BBO Clayc) from Quincy IL, USA
Dan Gheorghiu (BBO DanG4503) from Victoria BC, Canada
Laura Mancini (BBO 801dna) from Paris, France
Pierre Belisle (BBO Belislep) from Boucherville, Montreal QU, Canada
Hanoi A Rondon (BBO hanoi5) from Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Marsha Havens (BBO EurekaMars) from Eureka Springs AR, USA
Daniel Klein (BBO drdnmnk) from Victoria BC, Canada
Jordan D Winick (BBO jay_jay246) from Toronto ONT, Canada
Jean-Michel Boivin (BBO jim92) from Puteaux, France
Rishabh Singh (BBO rishabh) from San Jose CA, USA
Josh Sinnett (BBO oshoj) from Bellingham WA, USA
Waler Morgan (BBO walt215) from Warwick ??, USA
Sebastian Bonta (BBO sbont) from Buenso Aires, Argentina
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (BBO rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Dann Brunebjerg (BBO b50911) from Glostrup, Denmark
Michael van Gulik (BBO Bananatree) from Belleville, Canada
Kukuh Indrayana (BBO ITSurabaya) from Surabaya, Indonesia
Ian T Findlay (BBO findles) from Banff AB, Canada
Derek Diamond (BBO derekd) from Glasgow, Scotland
John C Osher (BBO J5280) from Denver CO, USA
Paul Dubois (BBO pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA
Michael Stone (BBO plongee) from Geneva, Switzerland
Shahar Zack (BBO shaharz) from Kiryat Motzkin, Israel
Somnath Pal (BBO sompal) from Kolkata, India
Steve Merovitz (BBO stepmero) from Montreal QU, Canada
Stephen Merriman (BBO smerriman) from Auckland, New Zealand
Francois Duffour (BBO toutmo) from Paris, France
James Colen (BBO THEJAMES) from Davie FL, USA
YTL (BBO Timmy0) from Shanghai, China

Robert Lavin (BBO bridgboy1) from East Longmeadow MA, USA
Allan J. Rosenblum (BBO beard9047) from Deerfield Beach FL, USA
David Covid (BBO 01casino) from Sydney NSW, Australia
Allan Schwartz (BBO allans3141) from Manalapan FL, USA
Bob Simkins (BBO bobsimkins) from Decatur GA, USA
Aniemsh Majumder (BBO badal2890) from India
Zvi Peled (BBO 5101) from Haifa, Israel
Alberto Giovanni Gerli (BBO elbec) from Padova, Italy
Jacob Freeman (BBO Jacob04) from Toronto ON, Canada
Douglas Schmickrath (BBO P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA
Bonny Waworuntu (BBO Polcep) from Jakarta, Indonesia
Parersh Gupta (BBO pareshg53) from New Delhi, India
Charles A Lynn (BBO rujlac2020) from Kansas City MO, USA
Orjan Tornblom (BBO unperfect) from Karlstad, Sweden
Ugis Jansons (BBO ugisj) from Ikskile, Latvia
Anil Kaushal (BBO Virgosrock) from NJ, USA
Radu Mihai (BBO varza) from Bucharest, Romania

Jacek Gawin (BBO Babinicz62) from Sosnowiec, Poland
Frances Boyd (BBO boydfm) from SC, USA
Capri Bucci (BBO atp13) from Rome, Italy
George Wang (BBO ggnaw) from El Monte CA, USA
Dennis E Metcalf (BBO dcalf) from Vancouver BC, Canada
Kristjan Sigurgeirsson (BBO Lundinn) from Reykjavik, Iceland
David Elderkin (BBO Jabberwoky) from Miami FL, USA
Lei Tsui (BBO ltsui10) from Thousand Oaks CA, USA
Arnold Zwettler (BBO noldi) from Vienna, Austria
Salem Nadia (BBO nadsa) from Athens, Greece
Andreas Persson (BBO Rosengatan) from Mukksja, Sweden
Yongjun Lu (BBO ottawa2008) from Nepean ON, Canada
Michael Camp (BBO therudy) from Fort Lee NJ, USA
Søren Justesen (BBO s_justesen) from Vejle, Denmark

Frank Wharton (BBO AcolF1551) from London, England
Cristian Dinescu (BBO cristid61) from Bucharest, Romania
Timothy Prior (BBO brimstone) from Cottingham, England
Daniel Thouvignon (BBO danielth) from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cecilia Billiet (BBO cbilliet) from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Luc Vandenhove (BBO Ambil) from Vaur, France
David Williams (BBO dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales
Alex Green (BBO Galexy) from Sydney NSW, Australia
Abc (BBO harish7) from USA
Jean Galtier (BBO eyquem) from Saint Cyr sur Mer, France
Stanley Dub (BBO flavors123) from Shaker Heights OH, USA
Jean-Marie Arnaud (BBO jmarnaud51) from Paris, France
Larry Malone (BBO LarryMal) from Mont-Saint-Hilaire QU, Canada
Bruno Dutilloy (BBO mav2) from Fiac, France
Jeffrey Brown (BBO jbroyp) from Saint Louis MO, USA
Michael Xu (BBO michaelimp) from Palo Alto CA, USA
Peter Lakatos (BBO nyul11) from Budapest, Hungary
Thomas Terzian (BBO rmenian) from San Francisco CA, USA
Paul Lee (BBO PaulHLee) from UK Merril
Jay Hirsh (BBO mjbridge) from Washington, USA
Peter Law (BBO petelaw) from Broadstairs, Kent, England
Chris Panter (BBO OmarRobson) from Gosport, England
Kinpin Chu (BBO xh2072) from China
Jeffrey Yutzler (BBO slar) from Alexandria, USA
Gianni Hsieh (BBO wakanari) from Sammamish WA, USA
Momchil Aleksandrov (BBO star6ija) from Sofia, Bulgaria
Ronald W Vickery (BBO rvickery) from Oro Valley AZ, USA
Tobias Bern (BBO xtober) from Sweden
Adam Magyar (BBO Sundiszno) from Budapest, Hungary

Babs Giesbrecht (BBO bABsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada
Ben Z (BBO Benoitz) from Mulhouse, Germany
Petar Petrov (BBO 5791_pmp) from Bulgaria
Anthony Bates (BBO AnthonyG) from Wokingham, England
Wayne Burrows (BBO cascade) from Palmerston North, New Zealand
John Howard (BBO catch22) from Maidenhead, England
Alex Maas (BBO HawkeyeSr) from Dallas, TX USA
Haiping Yan (BBO Haiping) from Charlotte NC, USA
Michael A. Deverin (BBO Holdout) from Odenton MD, USA
Dave Bugay (BBO hikerdave1) from Parker, USA
Henrik Shaples (BBO Hendrik) from Brush Prairie WA, USA
Eyal (BBO EyalGolan) from Tel Aviv, Israel
Manuel Oliveira (BBO m oliveira) from Livramento, Estoril, Portugal
Brad Johnston (BBO nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand
Paul Sontag (BBO pgs58) from Mayne Island BC, Canada
Knut Nessler Andersen (BBO nessler) from Stavanger, Norway
Pär Ol-Mårs (BBO olmar) from Stockholm, Sweden
Robin Hunter (BBO Robin27) from Australia
Nikos Papamichalopoulos (BBO nikrek) from Athens, Greece
Zhengming Gao (BBO ty001) from Beijing, China
Steven Silberberg (BBO: spacedoc) from Manalapan FL, USA
Svein Markussen (BBO sveinm) from Skien, Norway
Martin Ignacio Zonca (BBO ZoncaMI) from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rich Newell (BBO runewell) from West Des Moines IA, USA
Howard Baucum Parker (BBO tiger bait) from Clements CA, USA

Annual competition leaders after 3 months

Last year, players made the leaderboard with an average scores of 50/80 but, with so many more entries this year, the bar has been raised. In the 2022 competition, you will need an average score of at least 55/80 to make it onto the leaderboard in the annual competition. This month there are just over 80 players at that level. Up your average score just a little and perhaps you will join this elite band.

[table id=11 /]

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2 responses to “BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – March”

  1. justine cook

    you tell people the percentage they have right but you don’t tell them
    what their selections were. how come

  2. Bill Parks

    1. Agree with Justin Cook. You should mark our individual bids on each hand.

    You told me I had 67 points yet I did not appear on your list. Why?