BBO Bidders challenge: results and winners – May

The Top Bidders for Set 2022-05

For the first time, we had more than 2,000 entries this month. With an average score of just 44.81, this also turned one of the most difficult sets so far. We therefore say “Chapeau” to everyone who makes the leader-board and, particularly, to our lone winner. Equalling the leading panellist’s score, with 77/80, this month’s winner is::

Radu Mihai (BBO: varza) from Bucharest, Romania

Radu is a math teacher living in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, and he has been the #1 player in the Romanian national classification for many years. He won a bronze medal in the Wuhan Cup (Mixed Teams) at the 2019 World Championships in China. He also finished third in the Mixed Pairs at the European Transnational Championships in Istanbul that same year. Last month, his Romanian team reached the quarter-finals of the Wuhan Cup at the World Championships in Italy.

Also on the May ‘Roll of Honour’:

with a score 76/80:

Ian Thomas Findlay (BBO: findles) from Banff AB, Canada

And, with scores of 75/80:

Luwen Koh (BBO: Xreborned) from Singapore
Dima Myedvyedyev (BBO: Quarky) from Idaho, USA

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Honourable mentions also go all of to those who outscored at least one panellist, so you need a score of 63/80 or more to make this month’s leaderboard:


Arif Ozer Orhan (misket09) from Turkey
Tom Rainforth (Le Poisson) from Kidlington
Julian Wightwick (juliancb) from Cambridge
Peter Knee (umpire2220) from Canyon Country CA, USA
Bernódus Kristinsson (icebenni) from Reykjavik, Iceland
Francois Duffour (toutmo) from Paris, France

Kees Bakker (keesbak) from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jan Spiess (JanDoko) from Bad Homburg, Germany

Carles Acero (Orzuelo) from Girona, Spain
Pedro Gonsalves Caballer (pgonsalvs) from Valencia, Spain
Andreas William Plejdrup Meister (andreasw) from Copenhagen, Denmark
John Stell (johnworf1) from Bury, England
John MacGregor (johnmacg) from Halifax NS, Canada 
Dimitris Paraskevas (mploum) from Athens, Greece

Serhat Paksoy (paaksoy2) from Turkey
Chen-Ru Yang (chenru30) from Taiwan
Ugurcan Suzer (fulhouse) from Istanbul, Turkey
Omer Onem (f2g) from Turkey
Venkatesh Ramaratnam (rv) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Lin Yu Chih (yogiooigoy) from Taiwan
Yongjun Lu (ottawa2008) from Nepean ON, Canada
Pär Ol-Mårs (olmar) from Sweden
Marcel Canoy (tramkaart) from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Christina de Leiva (moski1) from Madrid, Spain

Gabby Kamil (gab7nt) from Buckeye AZ, USA
Henry Jacobson (UggyJ) from Coconut Creek FL, USA
Hanoi A Rondon (hanoi5) from Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Sally Levering (Eurekasal) from Venice FL, USA 
Frank Wu (superrhaze) from Hangzhou, China
Leon Meier (Leon123453) from Christchurch, New Zealand
Hakan Kuscu (luficer) from Izmir, Turkey
Hamish Brown (Hamish32) from Auckland, New Zealand
Michael Young (mjy127) from Stewartstown
Radu Iacob Oprisoni (oradu) from Gilau
Brad Theurer (batmanbrad) from Gaithersburg MD, USA
Daniel Klein (drdnmnk) from Victoria BC, Canada
Juliano Barbosa (JBarbosa) from Seixa, Portugal
Gregory LeBlanc (gnlblnc151) from Charlotte NC, USA
Dan Gheorghiu (DanG4503) from Victoria BC, Canada
John C Osher (J5280) from Denver CO, USA
Jacques Humble (brimor_73) from Montrouge, France
Taavi Toomere (taavi) from Tartu, Estonia 
Paul Sontag (pgs58) from Mayne Island BC , Canada
Onno Eskes (Onno) from Leiden, Netherlands
William R. Haskitt (redwineman) from Grasonville

Harald Bletz (Fiann) from Germany
L.C Huang (LCHuang) from Taipei, Taiwan
Ned Paul (Ned Paul) from Twickenham, England
Jim Streisand (strei1) from Wayland MA, USA
Timothy Liang (Tim_Toucan)
Manuel Oliveira (m oliveira) from Livramento, Estoril, Portugal
Jean-Marie Arnaud (jmarnaud51) from Paris, France
Xenophon Makris (fondas) from Greece
Milko Slavov (milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria
Alexander Cook (spade7) from Sydney NSW, Australia
Mark Chen (mark_chen) from Herndon VA, USA
Charles Nudelman (soxguy) from Northbrook IL, USA

Oded Pachtmann (oded) from Kfar Saba, Israel
Mark Micheli (markgameon) from San Francisco CA, USA
Jean-Marie KREMPP (HotHeart) from Cernay-la-Ville, France
Michel Leduc (Michel Leduc) from Montreal QU, Canada
Richard Traxler (dickiegera) from Fairlawn OH, USA
Carlo Vandenbussche (cmvdb) from Oostkamp, Belgium
Judith Morissette (juju4) from St Colomban QU, Canada
Stephen Kwan (sk1958) from Richmond Hill ONT, Canada
Guoqiang Meng (menggq) from Shanghai, China
Stephen D Goldstein (sdvdg) from Anaheim CA, USA

Fabio Carugati (kounellis) from Vigevano, Italy
Karel De Raeymaeker (Ewion) from Dublin, Ireland
Itamar Ginossar (itamarg) from Romania
Savin Daniel (daniel sav) from Bucharest, Romania
Les Ajzner (atzto1) from Melbourne VIC, Australia
Ioannis Exarchos (Jexa_) from Athens, Greece
David Williams (dave251164) from Llangollen, Wales
Va Ena (fachiru) from Taos NM, USA
John R Mayne (JRMayne) from Modesto CA, USA
Zoran Bohacek (zoran) from Zagreb, Croatia
Leo Resk (resker) from Victoria
Ronald W Vickery (rvickery) from Oro Valley

Anne-Marie Quazza (Alexima) from Mansouria, Morroco
Lazaros Tselepis (tselo1968) from Rodos, Greece
Morrie Kleinplatz (amulet1) from Windsor ONT, Canada
Roger Floutier (parwich) from Worksop, England
zxc9072 from China
Anthony Ker (Ant) from Wellington, New Zealand
Bill Neumann (wcneumann) from Columbia, USA
Andrzej Knap (andknap) from Spain
Antonio Kotsev (asc) from Tatarevo, Bulgaria
John Garrison (Jgarris) from Hailey ID, USA
Robert Glowacki (berendei) from Warsaw, Poland
Vanni Nozzoli (Gelindos6) from Rome, Italy
George Wang (ggnaw) from El Monte
Rosaleen Glasheen (Remlagh) from Waterford, Ireland
Adrian Pang (MP7601) from Hong Kong, China
Andrzej Stankiewicz (south66) from Gdansk, Poland
Adam Magyar (Sundiszno) from Budapest, Hungary

Wilson Xu (Wei J) from China
Judith Hyde (judyquake) from Northampton, England
Christophe Carde (ccarde) from Meudon
Atilla Aday (glint) from Ankara, Turkey
Michael Beyer (Olafbey) from Stirling, Scotland
Petter Haugum (Psm1) from Trondheim, Norway
Christer Glimsjö (Stenstaplarn) from Ljungby, Sweden
Charles milne (pooch4) from Vancouver BC, Canada
David Saltsman (147) from Montreal QU, Canada
Larry Giltman, M. D. (lig1) from Estero
Michael Berkowitz (berkmb5) from Salt Lake City UT, USA
Andreas Pournaras (a n d) from Athens, Greece
Kepecs Gabor (gabor51954) from Budapest, Hungary
Jim Norton (jimnorton) from Charlotte, USA
Peter Hutchings (peter10024) from New York NY, USA
Wanfeng Mou (wmou) from Sugar Land TX, USA
Nolan Derby (noba7) from Vancouver BC, Canada
Paul D Amer (Pamer) from Moultonborough NH, USA
Shahar Zack (shaharz) from Kiryat Motzkin, Israel

Annual competition leaders after 5 months

You need a running total of 270 to make the annual competition leader-board with five months played, which means that about 70 players make the list.

With his third-place finish this month, the 2021 winner, Luwen Koh from Singapore, climbs into a tie at the top with Australia’s Alexander Cook. Last month’s guest panelist, Francois Duffour from Paris, is just two points behind in third, whilst Canada’s Ian Findlay’s second-place finish this month puts him in fourth spot in the rankings. Alexander’s 67 this month was his first score this year below 70/80, meaning that everyone now has at least one score below 70, but hat’s off to the top four, all of whom are still averaging 70 or more. A special mention to Douglas, who is alone in making the leader-board despite missing a month and thus having only four counting scores.

Remember that if you miss a month, that is one more poor score that you will not be able to discard, so be sure to put an entry in every month.

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  1. And where is my result ?
    274 after four and 327 after five
    Man will get tired and even the result will not be printed,
    It’s okay here, Mr Sutton?
    Laura Mancini /bbo 801dna

    1. Hello Laura
      You’re right. For some reason your score was missing from Feb – probably as a result of you submitting your score by email instead of through the new system. All fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Don’t remember my score, but it couldn’t have been any good. 😔 I must simply try harder!! ❤️

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