New BBO Tournaments: Limited Pairs

As of Wednesday, June 3rd, we’re adding a new type of tournament to the BBO schedule: 

BBO’s Limited Pairs Tournaments are dedicated to beginner/intermediate players (with less than 500 BBO Points) and offer a safe space for advancing players to play among themselves.

Directed by world class directors, with strict no rudeness rules, these tournaments are perfect even for the most shy pairs to work on their competitive bridge.

Tournament specifics

Who can play?

The Limited Pairs tournaments are limited to players with 0 to 499.99 BBO Points (BBO award symbol in profile up to 8).

How can I play?

Click on “Competitive” => “BBO Points tournaments” and look for “Limited Pairs (0-499 BBO Points)” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

Every day, every hour from 9am to 10pm Central European Time.

Warning: all tournaments will be listed and open for registration 2 hours before start time.



  1. who thinks this is great, does not play the Free tournaments, they are still at ONLY 80 players who can register. That is very sad.

  2. I think it is great with all the new things coming….Even a pairs tounament or swiss teams would be great….keep it coming.

  3. However nice this may look and however nice it seems to be…. I think, new rules also inflict many other tournaments.I know many clubs who would like to open their tournaments for much more than allowed now, most are restricted to 80 pairs now, whereby in earlier days sometimes more then 200 could join. It would be nice if that could be allowed again.

  4. How do I get rid of my information when it pops up over my cards and I can not play them..ll.

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