New BBO Tournaments: Newcomer Pairs

As of Wednesday, June 3rd, we’re adding a new type of tournament to the BBO schedule:

BBO’s Newcomer Pairs Tournaments are dedicated to new players (with less than 5 BBO Points) and offer a safe space for beginning players to dip their toes into the world of duplicate.

Directed by world class directors, with strict no rudeness rules, these tournaments are perfect even for the most shy pairs to get started with competitive bridge.

Tournament specifics

Who can play?

These special Newcomer Pairs games are limited to players with 0 to 4.99 BBO Points (no award symbol in profile, or award symbol 2).

If you are new to BBO:

  • We are happy to welcome you and
  • Don’t be afraid to play with your rookie fellows in this tournament.

How can I play?

Want to play? Youpi!

Click on “Competitive” => “BBO Points tournaments” and look for “Newcomer Pairs (0-4.99 BBO Points)” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

Every day, every hour from 9am to 10pm Central European Time.

Warning: all tournaments will be listed and open for registration 2 hours before start time.



  1. If we want to join these games from the UK what time do we need to register please?

  2. Very good idea! On suggestion, would it be possible for the tournaments to have a ‘partnership desk’ where you could find a human partner instead of having to use a robot? (I play ACOL Bridge and the robots seem to use SAYC).

    Also, small thing, but the link in ‘Tips & Trick’ to useful links doesn’t appear to be working, though the link to the ‘welcome guide’ is ok.

    1. There is a partnership desk where you can add your name or invite someone. Notice the links at the top, one of them is Partnership Desk.

  3. Great, thanks Diana! The message, didn’t mention a partnership desk, so I didn’t know it was already an option

  4. this sounds very interesting but could there be earlier times for the Europeans? Thank you

    1. Yes! I also would love to have an earlier time for us South Africans! Please! It would be similar to the European times. Very excited about trying to play with real people. I am so new to bridge that I haven’t played with anyone other that my fellow students.

    1. No, this is a BBO game, it doesn’t award ACBL points.

      For 0-5 ACBL players there is free entry in any of the ACBL sanctioned Daylong tournaments (note that those are robot games). So there is a newcomer variation for ACBL too, in a different type of game. To find these, click ACBL World and all the ACBL Daylongs should show as Free if you have a valid ACBL number on file and less than 5 ACBL points.

  5. What is the start time for Pacific Standard time. How do you get to play in the Newcomer Pairs tournament if you are in California.

  6. There seem to be some advanced players taking part in the Newcomer tournaments. I thought it was meant to be more for those who haven’t taken part in tournaments before?

  7. I would like to play in the Newcomers Tournament with my partner Grantlet but am not sure how to go about paying the fee??
    PPlease advise me Thank you trishlewiHow do you pay?

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