New BBO Tournaments: Speedball Swiss Pairs!

As of Wednesday, June 3rd, we’re adding a new type of tournament to the BBO schedule:

BBO’s Speedball Swiss Tournaments are fast paced Swiss games. If you manage to finish with over 55% you win 1.5 BB$.

Fast, furious, with BB$ prizes — if you have one hour to kill, no better way to practice fast decision making and keep the adrenaline up.

Tournament specifics

  • 12 boards
  • 4.5 minutes per board
  • Matchpoints
  • Entry fee: 1 BB$
  • Swiss movement
  • You can register with a robot
  • Awards: BBO Points
  • 1.5 BB$ prize to all players who finish with a score of 55% or higher.
  • Conditions of Contest

Who can play?

Everyone welcome.

How can I play?

Click on “Competitive” => “BBO Points tournaments” and look for BBO’s “Speedball Swiss” (there’s a Search box at the top of the list).

When Can I play?

Every day, every hour from 9am to 10pm Central European Time.

Warning: all tournaments will be listed and open for registration 2 hours before start time



  1. I believe it is a pair’s game with a swiss movement meaning that winners play winners etc.

  2. It would be a lot more clear if the article and event were titled “Speedball Swiss Pairs”.

    1. Actually, it would NOT. The title of the event itself is articulated poorly. Since it is MATCHPOINT scoring, not IMP scoring, it cannot be
      a Swiss Pairs event (which is done by imps, versus a datum).

  3. please try to figure out a way to make opponents play in tempo in speedballs of any kind….very frustrating to keep telling them to hurry

  4. Swiss has nothing to do with IMPS or Matchpoints it just refers to the fact that the movement is based on facing a pair with a similar score.

  5. Last I recall BBO Swiss movements did not stop replays (playing the same pair again and again)–something that has always seemed a fatal flaw to me. Anyone know whether this is still the case?

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