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Since January, BeBRIDGE offers you a new look (more modern, more diversified, richer), to satisfy a readership that is both curious and eager to learn.

Exclusively for BBO, our partner BeBRIDGE offers you Andrew Robson’s professional advice (free article):  Click here to read the article

This July issue features the 12 most influential personalities in the world of bridge. Can’t wait to find out who’s who in this business? Don’t wait any longer to delve into this summer issue, which also includes a very complete dossier on the different ways to progress at the table!

 The “North-South-East-West” section puts the spotlight on La Baule – the Mecca of bridge! – where you’ll discover the best addresses; on the cultural side, the focus is on open-air film screenings, a much-awaited meeting place for lovers of the 7th art. Our loyal experts will keep you busy during the holidays: from Alain Lévy to Norbert Lébely, all of them reveal their tricks of the trade.

Finally, the section “Playing with BeBRIDGE” developed by Pierre Saporta will allow you to relax while you progress, thanks to five different exercises.

Enjoy your reading!

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