BBO Prime bidders challenge: results and winners – July

The Top Bidders for Set 2021-7

After getting our first perfect score last month, we have another. Scoring 80/80 this month is the man whose BBO blog discussing the problems is fast becoming a fan favorite:

Hanoi Rondon (BBO: hanoi5) from Santiago, Chile

Hanoi Rondón is a bridge teacher who has been in love with the game from the moment he discovered his first bridge article in a newspaper some 27 years ago. Originally from Venezuela, he currently lives in Chile. He teaches bridge online and has a YouTube channel called ‘Bridge Entretenido’.

Congratulations to him, he wins 50 BB$ and a 1 month subscription to Prime!

But remember, we also randomly drew a winner from among the participants and…. tadaaaaa the winner is:

Joseph Hicks (absolut0)

Congratulations to Joseph Hicks who wins a 3 month subscription to Prime!

Also on the July ‘Roll of Honor’:

with an impressive score of 78/80:

Peter Law (BBO: PETELAW) from Broadstairs, Kent, England
Barbara Cesari (BBO: baby14) from Bologna, Italy

and with another score that would often have won, 77/80:

Patrick Shields (BBO: patricks) from Cheltenham, England

Honourable mentions also go to those who at least matched a panel members’ score:

74/80Maciek Macieszczak (BBO: 1cola) from Raszyn, Poland
73/80Dave Williams (BBO: dave251164) from Wales
71/80Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria
70/80Douglas Schmickrath (BBO: P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA, USA
69/80Ian Findlay (BBO: findles) from Canada
Rishabh Singh (BBO: rishabh) from San Jose CA, USA
Robert Wilkinson (BBO: Lizard78) from Jackson MS, USA
68/80Özgür Sayın (BBO: kayzer) from Istanbul, Turkey
Karle Joys from Dartmouth NS, Canada
Kukuh Indrayana (BBO: ITSurabaya) from Surabaya, Indonesia
Kukuh Indrayana (BBO: ITSurabaya) from Surabaya, Indonesia,
67/80Anne-Sybil Bragadir (BBO: asb10) from Lausanne, Switzerland
66/80Paul Dubois (BBO: Pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA
Santi Sembe (BBO: santisembe) from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Virendra Srivastava (BBO: SRIVICTOR) from Pune, India
65/80Harry Gordon (BBO: hflsh) from Lexington KY, USA
GjivoTikvica(BBO: KhazadDoom) from Dubrovnik, Croatia
64/80Bert Toar Polii (BBO:bert_polii) from Indonesia
Bradley Johnston (BBO: Nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand

We had around 100 entries for this month’s competition, so congratulations to all of those who made it onto the honor roll.

Remember, if you top the Annual Leaderboard this year, you will win 200 BB$! So come on down to this month’s hands to participate!

Find all results here:

Annual competition leaders (after 7 months)

Hanoi moves up into the top 10 with his perfect score. A first time for Fergus, not on the leaderboard, but still averaging 68.6.

Luwen Koh (BBO: XReborned) from Singapore457
Ian Findlay (BBO: findles) from Canada439
Csaba Daday (BBO: gwnn) from Gottingen, Germany427
Bradley Johnston (BBO: Nohk) from Dunedin, New Zealand418
Anne-Sybil Bragadir (BBO: asb10) from Lausanne, Switzerland415
Hanoi Rondon (BBO: hanoi5) from Santiago, Chile415
Harry Gordon (BBO: hflsh) from Lexington KY, USA415
Dave Williams (BBO: dave251164) from Wales 409
Douglas Schmickrath (BBO: P0STM0RTEM) from San Francisco CA 408
Tony Burt (BBO: Tone999) from Vancouver BC, Canada 401
Peter Hudson (BBO: p_t_red) from Coppell TX397
GjivoTikvica(BBO: KhazadDoom) from Dubrovnik, Croatia 395
Barbara Giesbrecht (BBO: BabsG) from Qualicum Beach BC, Canada 392
Stephen Kwan (BBO: sk1958) from Canada388
Thomas Gardner (BBO: thomasg_16) from England 382*
Kresten Sandager Kristensen (BBO: kesse) from Copenhagen, Denmark 382*
Milko Slavov (BBO: milko_sl) from Varna, Bulgaria365*
Kathrine Loh (BBO: nicnat) from Walnut Creek CA, USA361
Kathrine Loh (BBO: nicnat) from Walnut Creek CA, USA309
Ricardo Cardoni (BBO: Patan) from Buenos Aires, Argentina 353*
Earle Ferguson (BBO: Fergus) from Halifax NS, Canada 343**
Paul Dubois (BBO: Pottsca) from El Cajon CA, USA 343343
Kevin Wu from Taipei City, Taiwan335
Dave Horton (BBO: mfearth) from Calgary AB, Canada 332*
Judy Morissette (BBO: juju4) from Saint Colomban PQ, Canada 320*
Karle Joys (BBO: KJOY) from Dartmouth NS, Canada 312*

Remember that only your best nine results during the year count towards the annual competition, so entering every month will allow you to drop your lowest scores. Players with an asterisk (*) have only five counting scores so far, and with ** have only four counting scores.

Compare your results with the panel

Find all your results here:

And Panels’ results are there!

3 :spades:8220
4 :spades:6334
4 :clubs:002
6 :spades:004
2 :spades:001

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